Writing-in-the-Core (WiC)

WiC courses (a full list can be found here) draw on one of the most venerated strengths of the liberal education that every Cadet receives at West Point: its robust core curriculum. A balanced number of courses across the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and Math, Science, and Engineering (MSE) are designated as "WiC" in order to pave a continuous path from plebe to cow years according to which all Cadets develop as writers in a wide range of disciplines and genres. 

Cadets customarily complete about five WiC courses; however, exceptions are made when departments grant validations or transfer credits to individuals on the basis of assessments that also consider disciplinary writing proficiency. 

Cadets who repeatedly fail to demonstrate proficiency on Signature Writing Events in WiC courses, independent from whatever grades they receive for the events or courses themselves, will be directed to further learning opportunities (including additional coursework) that enhance their development as writers.

The following table specifies the Curricular Standards for WiC courses:

WiC Curricular Standards