Dean's Corner

BG Cindy Jebb

Welcome to West Point, and thank you for visiting the Dean’s Corner. The Academic Program is essential for preparing leaders of character.  In short the Academic Program educates and inspires leaders of character who think critically, internalize their professional identity, and employ their education to help build the Army and the Nation’s future.  We accomplish this mission through our curriculum, faculty, and resources.

First, the curriculum is designed to teach cadets how to think, not what to think.  To accomplish this task, West Point provides its cadets with a broad liberal education that consists of fifty percent math, science, and engineering courses and fifty percent social sciences and humanities courses.  In addition cadets choose from over 35 majors that provide a study-in-depth experience.  In the majors, cadets have fantastic opportunities to conduct research to explore real-world challenges and opportunities through partnering with other institutions of higher learning, military commands, and major research laboratories. Additionally, the Academic Program offers a wide array of activities to include over 30 clubs, such as Debate, Model UN, Cyber Defense, to name just a few.  We engage in conferences, such as the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs and the McDonald Leadership Conference, while participating in numerous conferences around the country.  Our cadets partake in over 1,000 internships each summer, to include over 300 cultural immersion opportunities overseas, and approximately ten percent of each class studies abroad for a semester. Finally, we have a robust scholarship program that consistently produces Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, and Fulbright scholars, as well as a pre-medical school program that also consistently prepares graduates to attend the top medical schools in the country.

Second, our faculty members are consistently voted as the most accessible faculty in the country.  Our highly talented faculty, civilian and military, represent a remarkable combination of scholar and practitioner excellence and are all dedicated to cadet learning.  We offer small classes of 15-18 cadets who together learn with remarkable faculty members, many of whom consistently earn accolades from around the world.  We have Fulbright Scholars, Council on Foreign Relations members, White House Fellows, published authors, and researchers producing cutting-edge studies.  Moreover, many of our faculty members will rotate back to the field Army, so they will serve along-side their cadets who will graduate as second lieutenants.

Finally, we are committed to providing the resources necessary to deliver a world class education designed for the world’s premier leadership institution.  We are committed to bringing together our country’s best and brightest students and stellar faculty members dedicated to rigorous scholarship and cadet-focused learning, all for a common purpose as articulated in our mission.