Thayer Honors Program

The Thayer Honors Program offers a broad umbrella to provide comprehensive academic development for cadets with outstanding potential.  The program offers systematic and sustained intellectual challenge, while affording and encouraging opportunities outside West Point’s curricular path.  The Thayer Honors Program is a powerful instrument to attract, retain, and develop young leaders of the highest caliber.  Cadets in the program likewise serve as ambassadors for the military to their civilian counterparts, whether at academic conferences presenting their research, interning during summers, or for those who receive nationally-competitive scholarships, in graduate school following commissioning.

As with Honor Colleges or Programs at other top universities, the Thayer Scholars Program is designed to offer cadets a systematic, interdisciplinary opportunity to develop scholarly depth in an environment that traditionally emphasizes a broader education.  Nested within USMA’s Academic Program, the structure, process, and content of the Thayer Scholars Program offers cadets an opportunity to pursue scholarly depth, which can take many forms, but typically includes research, expanded critical thinking opportunities, and interdisciplinary studies.  The program, which is modeled after peer institutions and other service academies, includes all cadet classes, and a cadet can participate for up to three and one-half years.  Taking part in the program is highly competitive, seeking to challenge and develop well rounded cadets of the highest intellectual potential and motivation.

The Thayer Honors Program is in its third year of operation.  Each new class is assessed at the ten-week grade mark for an offer of participation.

THP 2017_pic Best.JPG
Class of 2017 Thayer Honors Program

THP 2018_pic Best.JPG
Class of 2018 Thayer Honors Program