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Admissions : Apply_Requirements

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Below are the steps associated with the application process at West Point. If you have any questions please contact us online or by phone at (845) 938-4041.

  1. Meet the Basic Requirements for Admission
  2. Submit the Initial Application
  3. Secure a Nomination
  4. Complete the Application
  5. Submit SAT or ACT Scores
  6. Pass the Qualifying Medical Exam & Candidate Fitness Assessment
STEP 1  Meet the Basic Requirements

Before you apply, please review the Basic Requirements for Admission. They include certain academic, medical, physical and leadership qualifications.

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STEP 2  Submit the Initial Application

To apply, you first fill out a Candidate Questionnaire online; then we notify you whether you are qualified to go to the next step or if we need more information.


Tip:   At West Point, we call applicants “candidates.” When you apply, a candidate file is opened in your name.

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STEP 3  Secure a Nomination

You must be nominated to be considered for admission to West Point. There are many forms of nominations – you should request every nomination for which you are eligible.


Tips:  Start requesting nominations in the spring of your junior year. Follow up to make sure they have received your requests or to get more information. If you miss the nomination deadlines, no extensions are granted.

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STEP 4  Complete the Application

After your Candidate Questionnaire is approved, you get access to your candidate portal and your online Candidate Kit. It provides the tools to complete your application file. It has several forms with how-to instructions.

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STEP 5  Submit SAT or ACT Scores

The tests must be timed and include a writing score. The SAT includes a writing exam, but if you’re registering for the ACT, select the "ACT Plus Writing" exam to be considered for admission.


Tips:  Take the tests as many times as practical. We will only consider your highest scores.

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STEP 6  Pass the Qualifying Medical Exam & Candidate Fitness Assessment

These two exams determine whether you are in good physical and mental health, and whether you have the necessary strength, endurance and agility.


Tip:  Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the application. Start the process midway through your junior year in high school.

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