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Cadet Life

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West Point Cadets enjoy the opportunity for more clubs and activities than most any college in the country.

We know that many think West Point is all work and no play, but there is considerable evidence to the contrary. Whether your interests are in club sports, fishing, the arts, choir, model UN, travel to other countries or throughout the U.S., volunteering – the list goes on and on – West Point has something to suit your interests.

Cadet life is also about where you live. Cadet “barracks” are the residence halls of West Point. During your first year, privileges in the barracks and options to eating in the mess hall are limited, but as you progress through the years, there are more opportunities for meals off campus, and extra amenities in the barracks. When you visit West Point be sure to take the opportunity to eat with cadets in the mess hall and see the barracks.

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