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Admissions : Parents

Meet the West Point Parent Communications Liaison!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the West Point Parents page!

Once your son or daughter decides West Point Mrs. Deb Dalton, Parents Club Coordinatoris their "college" of choice, consider joining the West Point Parent Club in your area!  The West Point Parent Clubs exist to provide support to cadets, families and the United States Military Academy.

Our philosophy on parent communication is simply that parents should have the correct information in order to support their sons and daughters while attending West Point.  Please keep in mind that it is a college experience and they will need  to navigate much of it on their own.  And, we encourage open communication between parents and cadets!  That said, it is the role of the Parent Communication Liaison to help answer questions or redirect parents if/when the need arises.


Parents ClubThe main focus of the clubs is facilitating communication between the Academy and cadet parents, promoting the image of West Point, assisting the Academy in recruitment efforts and providing fellowship to parents of cadets. 

General Information

This office is responsible for supporting Parents and Parent Clubs that have formed all over the United States.  Membership in a West Point Parents Club offers an opportunity for mutual support, fellowship, and access to useful information about the Academy and cadet life.  At present there are more than 85 clubs throughout the United States and abroad.   

To find a club near you, contact the West Point Parents Club Coordinator at (845) 938-8826 or at


Parents at West Point