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Admissions : Pros_Cadets

Applying to College is a Big Step

We want to learn about your talents, achievements and goals. In turn, we hope you explore everything that West Point can offer you. We sincerely appreciate the effort you will be making to help us understand who you are. 

West Point is a 47 month experience.  You will graduate from West Point with a Bachelors of Science, regardless of the major you choose due to the required course load you take while here.  There are a total of thirteen academic departments, which offer the majors below.  For more information about academics, select "Academics" from the main menu bar above.

​The Academic Program
Offered Majors


  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Engineering Psychology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Infrastructure Systems
  • System Management


  • Art, Philosophy & Literature
  • History
  • Foreign Languages
  • Law and Legal Studies
  • Foreign Area Studies

Basic Sciences

  • Physics
  • Environmental Geography
  • Geospatial Information Science
  • Chemistry
  • Life Science
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Operation Research
  • Basic Sciences
  • Electronics and Info Technology Systems
  • Environmental Sciences

Social Sciences

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Human Geography
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Political Science
  • Military Art & Science


The Military Program​

Not only will you take classes from the departments listed above, but your education will also consist of instruction to prepare you for your commission in the Army as a Second Lieutenant. The following table is a brief overview of the training you will receive.  More information can be found in the menu bar on top of this page under "Military".

​Freshman- "Plebe" Year ​Sophmore- "Yearling" Year
  • 7-Week Cadet Basic Training (CBT)
  • General Military ​Instruction (during the academic year)

                and for the summer

  • 4-Week Cadet Field Training (CFT)
  • Individual Advanced Development (four weeks)
​Junior- "Cow" Year Senior- "Firstie" Year​
  • ​Military Leadership Courses (during the academic year)

               and for the summer

  • Second Class Detail
    (CBT or CFT)


  • Cadet Troop/Drill Cadet Leader Training (CTLT/DCLT)


  • Individual Advanced Development (four weeks)
  • Military Leadership Courses (during the academic year)

              and for the summer

  • 4-Week Cadet Leader Development Training


  • ​First Class Detail
    (CBT or CFT)


  • Cadet Troop/Drill Cadet Leader Training (CTLT/DCLT)


  • Individual Advanced Development (four weeks)
Note that your summers are based on what you have previously done, so every cadets summer differs based on their schedule.  A minuimum of one class detail, one individual advanced development, and one CTLT or DCLT will be required for graduation.
​The Physical Program
Every cadet will take the following courses during the academic year.  In addition to the classes, every cadet MUST participate in a competitive sport, whether it is NCAA, a Club sport, or Intramurals.  For more information, go to the menu bar on top of this page under "Athletics".
​Freshman- "Plebe" Year​ ​Sophmore- "Yearling" Year
  • Military Movement
  • Boxing 


  • Personal Fitness
  • Survival Swimming
​​Junior- "Cow" Year Senior- "Firstie" Year​​
  • Combat Applications
  • Lifetime Physical Activity (Required)
  • Army Fitness Development          
  • Lifetime Sport (Elective)
Schedule a Visit

Want to see it for yourself?  Schedule a visit at West Point! It is the only way to know for sure whether this is the place for you. A visit to West Point through the Admissions Office always, amongst other things, includes time with current cadets so you learn first hand about the experience.  To learn more about scheduling a visit, please click here.

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