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High School Juniors

 High School Juniors
West Point develops the whole person – academic, military, physical and ethical – all the elements of great leaders. We offer an amazing college experience that you will find nowhere else – from the classroom to club sports to drill training and weekend socializing, West Point has it all.

To become a West Point cadet, start the application process now. Envision it as putting together pieces of a picture puzzle. The academic piece, the nominations piece, the fitness and medical pieces – keep going until your application picture is complete.

Admission Tips

Start Early

  • Applying to West Point takes more time than applying to other colleges. Don’t wait until deadlines are looming and it’s too late to meet them.  The application opens in January of your junior year.  You will continuously update it over the course of the following year.  Print the Application Timeline and use it as a guide through the process - USMA Application Timeline. 

Explore the Campus

  • Schedule a campus visit to help decide whether West Point is right for you. Learn everything you can at the academy while you’re here.

Attend the Summer Leaders Experience

  • Apply to attend our week-long Summer Leaders Experience the summer before your senior year. You’ll experience firsthand a bit of what it means to be a cadet. Click here to download our free SLE brochure.

Sharpen Academic Skills

  • Take college-preparatory and Advanced Placement courses in high school to sharpen your academic abilities.
  • Take the SAT or ACT exam early your junior year. Take the exam multiple times if you like – West Point will only consider your highest scores. Here is a link to some standarized test taking tips.

Be a Leader

  • Assume responsible leadership positions in school, church, scouting and community activities. If you are in a club or sport, be a leader in that activity.  Show us you have experience to build upon.


  • Improve your physical conditioning through cross-country running and swimming.
  • Join a strenuous team sport.
  • Practice for the Candidate Fitness Assessment, an admission requirement.
  • Run.








Want to learn more? Click on the Admissions Guide located HERE!


 Ready to Apply?


If you are in the fall semester of your Junior year, click on the button below to be added to our mailing list and receive information about West point events in your area.

If you are in the spring semester of your Junior year, you can open your application at West Point by clicking the button below.

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