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Middle School and High School Freshmen

Start early.  Be prepared.Young people who are in middle school and are beginning high school often already have an interest in attending West Point. Sometimes it’s because a family member has attended. Or perhaps they may have read about the academy in history books, or perhaps they learned of the careers of former cadets.  Regardless, if you are in middle school, or starting high school, you have not begun too early to look into West Point Admission. 

Preparation for attending West Point includes taking challenging courses in high school, earning good grades and scores on standardized tests, being physically fit, and taking on leadership roles in high school sports and clubs.  Please click on this quick brochure, called "Starting Young",  that will give you more information on high school preparation to compete for attendance at West Point.

If you are a teacher or have a group of young people who want to learn more about West Point, you can arrange a tour through the West Point Visitors Center.


If you would like to receive periodic emails about USMA events in your local area and are a young grade school student or a freshman/sophmore in high school, please click the link below. 

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