Every cadet at West Point receives the Character in Sports Index grade each semester.

  • The Character in Sports Index (CSI) as a grading assessment in athletics. The CSI utilizes criteria based on the competitive sport’s mission of developing warrior athletes of character and teams of significance. The criteria include sportsmanship, fair play, mental toughness, perseverance, winning spirit, team player, unselfishness, coachability, positive attitude, teachable spirit and playing ability.
Criteria Outcome Goals
Fair Play
Plays within the rules and the spirit of the game. 
Never cheats to gain an unfair advantage. 
Shows respect for referees and opponents. 
Congratulates opponents following either victory or defeat. 
Wins or loses with dignity. 
Maintains self-control in response to any physical or verbal harassment.
Mental Toughness 
Winning Spirit
Stays fully committed to the team’s mission. 
Never quits. 
Starts and finishes all endeavors with positive energy and enthusiasm. 
Never makes excuses. 
Doesn’t allow frustration to undermine confidence or concentration. 
Refuses to allow their spirit to be broken.
Team Player 
Places team goals ahead of personal goals and individual statistics. 
Willing to play any role in order to make the team better. 
Shows respect for teammates on and off the playing field. 
Is not jealous of the success of team members. 
Takes on additional responsibilities to achieve team goals. 
Exemplifies team pride both on and off the playing field.
Positive Attitude 
Teachable Spirit
Displays a positive and optimistic attitude every day. 
Shows respect for coaches and listens intently to their instructions. 
Eager to learn. 
Accepts corrections constructively.
Playing Ability Demonstrates superiority in sports-related skills. 
Demonstrates superiority in health-related components of physical fitness.