West Point’s Support For CCDC Soldier Center And 75th Innovation Command


Thanks for visiting my Association of the United States Army research page! My name is Dr. Greg Freisinger. I am an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at West Point and also a reservist with the 75th Innovation Command. Below are a few videos highlighting some of our research efforts and work we are doing with cadets. Feel free to reach out to me at gregory.freisinger@westpoint.edu if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Hacking for Defense at West Point with the 75th Innovation Command

Hacking for Defense is a national university course sponsored by the Department of Defense that teaches students to work with the Defense and Intelligence Communities to rapidly address the nation’s emerging threats and security challenges. The inaugural course at West Point was run this summer by the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership, with assistance from the 75th Innovation Command, which is a relatively new Army Reserve unit that supports Army Futures Command. The 75th Innovation Command helped curate problems with sponsors and provided Reservists as coaches and mentors to the cadet teams.

CCDC - Soldier Center Research Collaboration

The Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering has a close relationship with CCDC Soldier Center and supports research priorities and executes cadet design projects. One project in particular, Measuring and Advancing Soldier Tactical Readiness and Effectiveness (MASTR-E), is a multi-year effort to better understand and quantify Soldier performance.  

Cadet Christian Witkop – Dynamic Stability Research and Capstone

CDT Witkop is a Firstie (Senior) at the United States Military Academy studying mechanical engineering. He has completed undergraduate research, presented at national conferences, and is currently applying for graduate fellowships. Click here to learn more about Christian’s experience and how he is developing a passion for bio-inspired robotics.

COVID-19 Wearables Collaboration with ASAALT - 75th Innovation Command

The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ASA(ALT)) has been working with West Point Leadership and the 75th Innovation Command to develop ways to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 using wearable technology. The ASA(ALT) Chief Technology Officer, Dr. William Cohen, has been leading a team to identify ways to augment contact tracing and identify Soldiers who are infected. A limited user test and research study are currently in the final planning stages for implementation when the Cadets return from winter leave. These technology solutions have the potential to be deployed to the operational Army and allow for continued operations in the event of an enduring COVID-19 environment. Click here to see how engineering innovations could reduce COVID-19 spread.

Cadet Rachel Kinnison – MechE Focus

CDT Kinnison is a Firstie (Senior) at the United States Military Academy studying mechanical engineering and also pre-med. She has completed research at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, won the Stamps scholarship, and is finalizing research with our head orthopaedic surgeon at Keller Army Community Hospital. She is as a member of the parachute team and is also applying for graduate fellowships. Click here to learn more about why she picked mechanical engineering at West Point.

Exosuit Research – Advancing Human Performance and Helping Injured Soldiers

Physical augmentation devices have the potential to improve human performance. We have collaborated with Harvard Biodesign Lab and the VA Medical Center in NYC on separate projects to better understand soldier performance in an exosuit and improve function in exoskeletons that assist paralyzed veterans with walking. Click here for a video or click here to take a look at the study which was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.