The mission of the West Point Aviation Club (WPAC) is to provide leader and military skill development opportunities to cadets interested in Army Aviation as well as achieve consistent success at regional and national collegiate flying team competitions. To achieve leader development, the   WPAC challenges participating cadets to:

  •   Plan, develop, and execute a ground and flight training system
  •   Assess effectiveness and adapt the training system
  •   Supervise flying operations
  •   Identify and mitigate operational risk
  •   Train and teach military aviation skills

  With regard to military skills development: Cadets who have little experience in aviation have the opportunity to establish foundational knowledge through completion of Private Pilot Ground School, associated   Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) testing, and then participation in the   Competitive Flying Team as a non-flying member. It also provides pilot-certified cadets an opportunity to participate in the Flying Team as a flying member in order to challenge and stretch their aviation skills in a   controlled and professional environment.

Officer in Charge
COL Rich Melnyk
CME (845) 938-4105