Mission: To provide another opportunity for cadets to fine tune their mental and physical abilities while furthering their personal development as leaders of character. It will also provide cadets, prior to graduation, an opportunity to achieve skills in an Army combative program currently in operation at the 11th infantry Regiment, Fort Benning, GA and the 75th Ranger Battalion, Fort Lewis, WA.The USMA Combatives Club offers not only elite national and world level competition, but provides a recreational venue for male and female Cadets to improve their mixed martial arts skills.  The team competes in Grappling and Pankration (amateur MMA) events and burst onto the national scene in 2014 when four Cadets qualified for the FILA Pankration World Championships. Three finalists to include one champion and a third place cadet garnered the team a 3rd place finish as a team in the Pankration National Tournament despite only having competitors in four of the 16 weight classes.  2015 is our "Road to the National Championships!"


Officer In Charge:
CPT Robert Squier
DPE (845) 938-0751