Electronic Experimenters Group

Collage of micro-controller, 3D design software, remote-controlled vehicle, and amplifier circuit.

The Electronics Experimenters Group (ELEX) provides for and creates a friendly, fun, yet professional environment where members can advance their understanding of electrical and mechanical technology through access to lab and maker spaces, material resources, ideas, guidance, trip sections, and professional mentorship opportunities.
ELEX is an academic club at West Point that hosts weekly meetings in the southwest tower of Thayer Hall. The club provides cadets with opportunities to learn about, design, and build electronic projects without needing any prior engineering experience. Projects start as small circuit kits and robots for beginners and increase in complexity as cadets branch out to test their own ideas.
ELEX club also has a community outreach program which focuses on promoting technology among young people, particularly high schoolers. The past few years have seen ELEX members volunteer at local robotics competitions, at maker fairs, and scouting events.

Officer in Charge

LTC William North
(845) 938-8624