Ethics Debate Forum

Mission: The Cadet Ethics Debate Forum is an academic club designed to prepare for and compete in the regional and national Ethics Bowl competitions, a nationally recognized team debate competition sponsored by the Association for Applied and Professional Ethics (APPE). Over 150 teams from colleges and universities across the United States and Canada compete in 10 Regional Ethics Bowl competitions each fall. These teams argue and defend their moral assessment of some of the most troubling and complex ethical issues facing society today. Questions address a wide array of topics in business and professional ethics, in personal relationships, and in social and political affairs. The Cadet Ethics Debate team’s preparation for the regional competition includes a plenary meeting on Monday night during club time (1930-2030), beginning in mid-September. The purpose of these meetings is to prepare the 15 ethical cases which serve as topic areas for the regional competition. Cadets must compete for a position on the team, which is composed of 10 primary debaters and 2 alternates. 

Officer in Charge

Dr. Graham Parsons​
DEP (845) 938-0225