Ms. Lynndee Kemmet

Research Fellow


Lynndee Kemmet is a research fellow within the Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations at West Point. Prior to that, she was a researcher with the Network Science Center at West Point where she managed projects focused on research related to the collection and analysis of civil information to support mission planning and execution. Much of her work has focused on the development of data collection and analysis within a systems modeling approach to enhance situational understanding for U.S. military humanitarian assistance/disaster response (HADR) and stability operations. Lynndee has worked closely with U.S. Army Civil Affairs and state National Guard units in the development of these data analysis models related to civil infrastructure and socio-cultural dynamics within military areas of operation. Her work has also been helping to guide development of data systems to support the needs of Civil Affairs units. Through this collaborative work, she has built strong relationships with Civil Affairs and National Guard personnel that started with working with the Guard’s Agribusiness Development Teams that operated in Afghanistan. Her own military experience has involved serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and in the Army National Guard. 

Publications & Presentations

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