COL Jordon E. Swain

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COL Jordon E. Swain

Director, Center for Junior Officers

Academy Professor/Associate Professor


Jordon grew up on a small farm in Michigan and joined the Army in 1995 when he enrolled at West Point. He loves to golf, surf, travel, and teach. He has two wonderful daughters. Jordon and his girls enjoy "winning all the escape rooms",  geocaching, and exploring our nation’s national parks and monuments (they’ve been to over 60 so far). Jordon is an identical twin who also enjoys beating his brother on the golf course and spoiling his nephew and niece. 

Ongoing Research Projects

Brown, J, Owens, B, Swain, J, Strachan, M. Becoming a “Humilitary” in an Ideological Battleground: the Unintended Consequences of Espousing Foreign Values in an Organization. 

Publications & Presentations

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* Note that the HBS case omits Jordon Swain's name on the top author line due to a change in HBS policy that prevents giving authorship credit to “insiders” of organizations. I was an Assistant Professor of Marketing at West Point when I wrote this case.  My contribution is acknowledged in the footnote on the first page of the case study. 

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