First Year and Beyond (FYB) Program


FYB is a Dean’s program. It is intended to assist selected cadets improve their academic performance. These are cadets who, based on their performance in first-term academic courses, are having difficulty adapting to the rigors of the academic program. 






The FYB program is intended to help selected cadets: 

  1. Develop and demonstrate appropriate study behaviors
  2. Adhere to FYB Team Leader recommendations and use them to improve academic performance
  3. Graduate from the United States Military Academy:
    • Pass academic courses
    • Meet academic peg points as defined in the Red Book
  4. Develop as self-directed learners
  • At six-week grades, the Operations and Registrar Division (ORD) generates a list of potential FYB cadets based on a modified version of the Academic Performance Score (APS).
  • The Vice Dean for Education (VDE) and FYB Coordinator explain the program to cadets and offer them the opportunity to participate.
  • Volunteers drop a course from their plebe year fall schedule (except English or Math).
  • Cadets who drop a course will take a course during Summer Term Academic Program.
  • FYB cadets meet regularly throughout the academic year with a CEP instructor to address their academic performance.