Military Enhancement Program



Teach mental skills to Cadets, Soldiers, and Leaders in order to enhance leader development and performance; with special emphasis on the systematic cultivation of a Warrior Ethos.

 Volumes of manuals have been written on what we need to know and do, but little attention has been given to how we come to be a Warrior…

Training Objectives 

  • Adopt mental toughness skills
  • Correctly identify sources and the nature of confidence
  • Learn how to establish an effective individual and unit goal-setting program
  • Learn to refine and rapidly shift mental focus (mental agility)
  • Learn to thrive during demanding challenges through energy management


  • USCC / DMI / DPE Support
  • CBT Leader Training Program
  • CBT Training Support (1st Responder, Attention Control)
  • CFT Stress Shoot / Raid / Land Navigation
  • CDT Leader Development Conference

Bottom Line

Soldiers, leaders and organizations gain success when they possess a Warrior Ethos: confident, mentally agile, self-aware, and adaptive. The MEP teaches cadets these skills through applied psychology components and provides specific training on the mental and emotional attributes of leadership and high performance. 

The centers' Military Enhancement Program extends beyond the West Point experience by reaching out to the Army at large.


“Mental Skills Training is extremely important to today’s Army. We need to inculcate it into our culture; broadly to the Soldiers and their families…. Peak Performance is not a destination; it is a constant in life. We need to get good at it by applying these principles to the whole unit and the Army as a culture. This needs to be part of our everyday lives.” 
   GEN Peter J. Schoomaker
   Army Chief of Staff 


“It profits an Army nothing to build the body of the Soldier to a gladiatorial physique if he continues to think with the brain of a malingerer.” 
   S.L.A. Marshall


“Performance Enhancement is the science behind the art of leadership. I have been emphasizing mental preparation for over 10 years, and now the Army has a program that teaches this science.“ 
   MG William G. Webster
   Commander, 3ID