The Center for Junior Officers

Our mission is to empower the processes by which Army professionals learn—both individually and collectively—in order to improve the effectiveness of company-level officers and thus to advance the Army profession. We accomplish this mission by enabling experiences of professional conversation and by developing technologies to support these experiences. 


If you do anything the way the Army is already doing it, you’re wasting my time.  

If you don’t fail sometimes, you’re not trying hard enough.   

If you don’t fundamentally change the way the Army learns and [the way it] educates its leaders, you’ve betrayed my trust.

 -- BG Kauffman, USMA Dean, 2002   

Vision:  Every junior officer in the Army connected and engaged in developing and leading mission-ready teams as well as empowered to inspire lasting professional connections. 

Mission: We empower junior officers to connect and learn, both individually and collectively, improving their effectiveness and advancing the Profession by enabling professional connections and developing technologies to support them.

Our Guiding Principle:  Connecting junior officers improves their personal and collective effectiveness.

Center for Junior Officers diagram of distinguishing values