Sample STEM activities from previous workshops


STEM Activity #1: Experience Robots 

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

In this workshop, students will work with faculty from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to learn how to control “portable unmanned ground vehicles” enabling the robot to perform detailed tasks as part of a collaborative team.

 Kids racing portable unmanned ground vehicles


STEM Activity #2: Interactions Between Humans & Technology 

Engineering Psychology 

Did you ever wonder who makes the technology we interact with so user-friendly? In this workshop, students explore the science of human and machine interaction and some tools at the intersection of these interactions.

 kids around a table exploring human and machine interactions


STEM Activity #3: Generate Some Excitement for Physics 


How can airlift a machine or blow a candle out from 10 yards away? What does it take to generate electricity? What keeps the earth spinning? How can we use math and science to win at Angry birds? During this activity, you learn these answers through hands-on experiments and demonstrations!

 child on hovercraft


STEM Activity #4: Drones


Have you ever wanted to fly a drone? During this workshop, you will examine the physics of flight and the mathematics of machines that fly. Drone aircraft, or unmanned aerial vehicles, have grown in popularity in recent years. This rise in interest is largely due to their surveillance capabilities. For a military application, drones are able to gather and provide vital intelligence -- all in full autonomy. Operating advanced drones require great skill, and believe it or not, some Mathematics!! This workshop consists of two components: flight planning and drone operation. In the flight planning phase, students chart a path for their aircraft with the addition of wind resistance and direction. In the second component, students are able to operate quadcopters and are challenged to traverse an obstacle course.

 child flying drone


STEM Activity #5: Get Virtually Real 

Systems Engineering 

The U.S. Army has a problem and needs your help. This STEM workshop challenge will require you to design a prototype, hand-held wireless unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV controller. UAVs are crucial helpers for assisting soldiers with missions that are otherwise dangerous for humans to conduct.

Get Virtually Real