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Center for Teaching Excellence

About Us

What is the Center for Teaching Excellence?

The CTE is less a place than a service. In April of 2018, BG Jebb, Dean of the Academic Board, directed that the restored Academic Research Division & the Center for Teaching Excellence integrate with Center for the Advancement of Leader Development & Organizational Learning (CALDOL) ​under single leadership. She further provided intent that these organizations should also take a strong staff role in policy and compliance. ARD and CTE leadership participated in this redesign. 

The CTE's primary purpose remains to provide support to USMA faculty members in their teaching mission. To accomplish this, the CTE regularly offers seminars and workshops on topics of interest to USMA faculty members and publishes an extensive public website to keep the conversation going about teaching and learning. The recently inaugurated "Master Teacher Program" is offered to all USMA instructors who want a structured way to continue their development as teachers.


The purpose of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the United States Military Academy is to enhance cadet intellectual development through high quality faculty development programs.


The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the United States Military Academy is to:
provide consultation and resources to departments and individual faculty
in collaboration with faculty, conduct educational research and development
serve as a conduit for educational information

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