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Center for Teaching Excellence

Advanced Technology Classroom Laboratory (ATCL-54)


 What is ATCL-54? 

A gift from the USMA Class of 1954, the purpose of the ATCL is to be USMA’s “classroom of the future,” a place where faculty can explore the use of different classroom and online technologies for teaching and learning, and decide which of these will best enhance cadet learning. This allows USMA faculty access to the most cutting edge instructional tools and permits the gathering of data as a prelude to the upgrade of all classrooms at West Point.

The Mission

"The ATCL enhances cadet education through the exploration, utilization, and integration of advanced technologies in order to prepare cadets to be commissioned leaders of character who are agile, creative, and critical thinkers.”

In operation since 1994, the ATCL’s classes have contributed to the decision to install the technology currently in all USMA classrooms — i.e., computer projection, VCR/DVD, and wireless networking capabilities. We also experimented with laptops in the classroom for three years to help identify good practices before members of the Class of 2006 began toting their laptops to class.


ATCL Floor Plan

With CTE's move to 115 Jefferson Hall in AY 2008, the classroom was redesigned to include the Classroom and an ajoining seminar/conference room, and all systems were upgraded. In AY 2018 the space was renovated and equipment again upgraded.

Currently, the technologies available in the ATCL (116 and 121 Jefferson Hall) include:

JH116 (Multi-purpose Seminar and Conference Room)

  • Cisco™ Portable IP Audio/Video Conferencing System
  • Two 75" Touchscreens with Cynap™ Multimedia Hubs
  • An Epson™ 1430Wi Projection Whiteboard

JH121 (Advanced Technology Classroom Laboratory)

  • 75" Touchscreen with Cynap™ Multimedia Hub
  • 6) 50" Touchscreens with Cynap™ Multimedia Hubs
  • Totally wireless connectivity

If you’d like information on teaching your course or lessons using the technology in the ATCL, please contact Dr. Mark Evans at 938-5502 or Mr. Patrick Gill at 938-4670.

Items of Interest​ 

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