Master Teacher Program

The Master Teacher Certificate Program (MTP) is anchored in the belief that teaching and learning are inextricably linked — that faculty members are learners as well as teachers, and students are teachers as well as learners. Hence, the Program is designed to be a learning experience for everyone involved.

An interdisciplinary, two-year program, the mission of the Master Teacher Certificate is to develop the competencies and skills of USMA faculty members for the dramatically changing academic workplace of the 21st century. Through monthly sessions, formative review of classroom teaching, and reflective activities, the program will provide participants with:

  • a pedagogical framework that will provide a basis for planning, implementing, and reflecting on their teaching and learning activities;
  • a repertoire of skills that will allow participants to operate in a variety of different teaching situations;
  • the ability to review and assess their teaching critically and revise it appropriately;
  • techniques for helping learners acquire important discipline-related skills and knowledge;
  • the ability to assess students’ learning throughout the program of instruction.

For more information about this program, contact Dr. Mark Evans at the CTE (938-5502 or via e-mail )

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