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Mobile Devices at West Point


USMA iPad Study


The use of mobile devices at the U.S. Military Academy began with the iPad pilot Project in AY 2012. One hundred fifty iPads were obtained by IETD for experimental use as teaching tools in and out of the classroom.

The purposes of the CTE/ iPad Study were to:

1. Identify the benefits of utilizing the iPad as a device to:

(i) improve student learning and 
(ii) assist an instructor in classroom management, planning, useful applications, and/or communications. 

2. Identify specific applications and uses of the iPad for meeting education goals.

(i) Study participants were expected to evaluate the use of the iPad as an educational tool from the perspective of instructors, and to experiment with using the iPad as both a learning and administrative tool.  More specifically, participants sought out applications and uses of the iPad that would help improve their teaching effectiveness.  In addition, participants evaluated the effectiveness of the iPad as an administrative tool to accomplish course communication, calendar planning, and other such tasks. Links to the results of the study and and the Sharepoint site where the study was managed are available below:

Spring 2012 iPad Study Results

Mobile Device Management

iPads and other web-enabled devices have proven to be immensely popular at USMA. Initially, IETD managed iPads through the creation of individual Apple ID's and  funded the purchase of specific apps by issuing gift cards. CTE Instructional Technology recommended the adoption of a Mobile Device Management System. Several were considered and evaluated, and the AirWatch® solution was chosen. For a short while, the management of USMA issued iPads was shifted to the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). This gave way to a system in which cadets were required to provide their own iPads that were managed by AirWatch and administered by IETD. The AirWatch system was phased out in favor of O365 authentication and device management as West Point continues its move toward a robust "bring your own device" (BYOD) environment.

To self-enroll a device or troubleshoot access issues please download the Authenticator app on the new iPad and go to settings on to setup the authenticator (credentials required). For assistance, please see

Annual Teaching with Technology Fair

Beginning in AY 2015, the Department of History and the CTE co-sponsored the first iPad Pedagogy Symposium. That event has since become known as the Annual Teaching with Technology Fair in which USMA faculty and various technology vendors come together to showcase initiatives and techniques for the employment of technology both in and out of the classroom.