Getting Started

Getting yourself ready.

Before attempting to use remote teaching tools, make sure the operating system and internet browser on your home computer and/or tablet are on the latest versions. These tools will work best when systems are up-to-date. Additionally, due to high demand some platforms and tools may not work perfectly. To check system status, visit the Company Portal app on your device.  

Set Up Your Devices


West Point IT Service Desk. Information Technology support and location for submitting help tickets.  

  • Set up Email/Office 365 Account (this may be done through your department). The following three steps need to be completed and reported to your DCO within two (2) weeks of account creation or your account will be automatically disabled:
    • DOD Cyber Awareness training: Cyber Awareness Training Link. Training taken here should auto populate the DOD AUP and training certificate in ATCTS, however this should be confirmed by the DCO. 
    • Signed USMA AUP. There is a USMA Specific AUP for O365 accounts and a DOD AUP for NIPR accounts. Only the DOD AUP is uploaded into ATCTS. The DCO will store the USMA AUPs until our digital system is put in place. 
    • DD2875. A separate 2875 is not needed for an O365 account. The one processed for the user’s NIPR account (NIPR instructions found here) will meet the requirement to have West Point Cyber and Installation Security approve the user’s access. Ensure the completed 2875 is uploaded into ATCTS 
  • Install Company Portal Guide (Essential for setting up O365 on all your devices).
  • Set up O365 and Outlook on Phone Tutorial  
  • Set up “Authenticator App” Tutorial  
  • Forward email from DOD Email to West Point Email: 
    • Add a rule forward DEE to your address with this guide.  
  • Set up VPN (the software that allows you to access the USMA Network on non-USMA devices): 
  • Set up CITRIX Guide  (Allows you to access DOD NIPR Sites).
  • Set up your profile in Teams or Blackboard: 
    • Add a Personal Icon Picture in MS Teams.
    •  Add a Personal Icon Picture in Blackboard.


Bookmark These Links


*Recommended Web Browser: Chrome 

  • AMS - This is the Academy Management System. This is the primary means to:  

    • Review teaching schedules 

    • Manage courses, grades, and attendance reporting 

    • Copies of the USMA Redbook (Academics), Whitebook (Physical), Goldbook (Character), and Greenbook (Military) 

    • AIAD 

    • Cadet Advising/DAC Responsibilities 

    • Process Trip Sections 

  • Blackboard Primary learning management system (LMS) for most courses.  

  • West Point Library provides access to research resources, reservations of space & technology, digital commons, special and digital collection, databases and research guides (by department).

  • Interactive West Point Campus Map 

  • Dean’s SharePoint Site  

    • Provides access to Dean’s Annual Guidance, Dean’s Policy and Operating Memoranda (DPOMs), Buff Card, and Arriving Faculty Reference Guides.

  • How to request a Guest O365 Account 

    • Used when guests to West Point need access to teams or other O365 suite platforms for their engagement. 

  • Office 365 Portal - Allows you to access your Office 365 Apps on any computer.

Confirm Access


  • To your Learning Management System of choice (Blackboard, Teams, Canvas, etc.) 

  • To your Department Knowledge Management System of Choice (SharePoint, Teams, Canvas, etc.) 

  • To online (or Hard Copy) Textbook and/or Publisher Companion Site (Ex: McGraw-Hill Connect) 

Get Familiar


Familiarize yourself with the resources available at West Point’s Center for Teaching Excellence.  



Getting your students ready.

Creating that welcome email/notification: 



Creating that welcome email/notification

  • Indicate to students ahead of time (if possible) how you intend to communicate.  

    • Communicate with your students and make announcements using MS Teams or Blackboard. For simplicity, try to choose just one platform for communication.

  • Explain how you expect students to contact you and the time frame when they can expect responses. 

  • If you already have a system in place for contacting students (such as an email list or Blackboard Group Announcements), use what is already working.  

  • If not, you can email all students in each class from your West Point email account. 



  • Students with the course textbook information. 

  • Students with a list of materials they should have prepared/access to for each class.  





Relevant Cadet Resources:

Contact Us


 LTC Ben Wallen, Chief of FLICR (Faculty Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, and Research)

 Dr. Mark Evans, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

 Dr. Steve Finn, Associate Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

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