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Tips for Teaching

Some Rules for Testing

by Kenneth E. Eble, The Craft of Teaching (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1988)

  1. Use a variety of testing methods.
  2. Always give feedback (as promptly as possible).
  3. Tests should be more for learning and for motivating than for measuring. All three are useful.
  4. Regard the absolute worth and accuracy of testing with suspicion.
  5. Reduce in any way you can the threat tests pose. 6.Don't grade all tests.
  6. Clarify test objectives both before and after, with yourself and with students.
  7. Be honest, open, and fair. Discuss tests both before and after.
  8. Don't stress the trivial just because it is so easy to test.
  9. Surprise quizzes and tests which can't be completed in the given time may serve the teacher's ego more than the student's learning.
  10. Be imaginative as well as careful, balanced, and precise.
  11. Be generous.