Welcome to the Operations Research Center (ORCEN) at West Point

The Operations Research Center (ORCEN) provides a dedicated analytical capability that engages problems of national significance for the purpose of enriching cadet education, enhancing the professional development of Operations Research Systems Analysis Officer Faculty, integrating emerging technologies and analytical tools into the Academic Program, and sustaining ties between the Academy, the Army, and the Department of Defense (DoD).

A wall displaying pictures of all of the previous ORCEN employees.

Our Team

The ORCEN is committed to providing sound, unbiased, analytical research in support of our DoD partners. Our combination of military and civilian analysts bring both recent operational experience and academic pedigrees from top-tier universities. Click here to learn more about ORCEN.
ORCEN Current and Past Analysts
ORCEN Director: COL James Enos
ORCEN Deputy Director: Mrs. Hyeyon Bastian

Our Research

Each year the ORCEN conducts 8-12 projects in support of several DoD sponsors.  A single military analyst, civilian analyst, or team of analysts on a project will apply a variety of methods to solve the client’s problem. Methods include modeling and simulation, decision analysis and support, and data analysis.
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ORCEN sign in front of Mahan Hall entrance.
Operations Research Center symbol consisting of a puzzle piece overlaid onto a globe with the acronym ORCEN written across the bottom of the symbol.

Our Technical Reports

Since 1988, ORCEN analysts have conducted research in support of many DoD topics of interest. Our technical reports preserve this work. Topics addressed include maintenance, mobilization, cost modeling, force structure analysis, logistics, personnel modeling, procurement, small unit analysis, human factors experiments, IED defeat studies,  budget analysis, and others.
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Contact Us


Operations Research Center
Department of Systems Engineering
Mahan Hall Building 752
West Point, New York, 10996

Email: hyeyon.bastian@westpoint.edu
Phone: (845) 938-5897


West Point’s Academic Research Directorate (ARD) assists with research requests. You can learn more at the ARD site or by emailing the Associate Dean of Research.