About the Photonics Research Center 

The Photonics Research Center was established at the United States Military Academy, in May of 1987 through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy and the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

The Center's three principle missions focus on education of both cadets and officers, the conduct of basic and applied research, and support to the Army and DoD in the area of lasers and photonics.

Sustained funding is provided by the Army Research Office with project specific funding coming from agencies such as the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Army Research Laboratory, Army Research, Development, Test, and Engineering (RDT&E) Centers, and major weapons system program and project managers.

Each year, educational programs associated with the Center introduce over 1000 cadets to a general familiarity with laser technology, provide over 50 cadets with an in-depth understanding of lasers and laser technology, and returns officers to the field Army who are now considered experts in developing and applying laser technologies.

The Center has a world-class recognized research program and is a National Research Council approved postdoctoral associate research site. The Center faculty come from the Departments of Chemistry and Life Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Physics who conduct basic and applied research in the Center using laser technology.