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The Robotics Research Center (RRC) is the Academy's premier resource for expertise and academic scholarship in the field of robotics that enables interdisciplinary cooperation and concentrates Academy-wide research efforts in robotic systems. The center supports margin-of-excellence research activities focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous systems to educate and inspire leaders of character who are prepared to think critically, innovate, and apply robotic systems in the Army.

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The Robotics Research Center Faculty are committed to your success. Our blended mix of military and civilian faculty members have attended the top schools in the world including MIT, Stanford, and CMU.


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The RRC fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and coordinates robotics research efforts at the Academy while engaging with defense, industry, and academia to solve Army and National problems. The RRC has developed strategic partnerships with multiple DoD agencies to conduct funded research and development.

We incorporate Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) into most of our work:

  • distributed perception
  • localization and mapping
  • radiological, nuclear, chemical, biological sensing
  • self-driving vehicles
  • aerial swarms
  • threat recognition
  • ethics of autonomous weapons

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The RRC regularly publishes in Tier-1 IEEE RAS Conferences to include ICRA and IROS.

The center also performs peer reviews on publication submissions and journal editorial functions.

The RRC assists cadets and faculty with writing and publishing for conferences, poster sessions, and journal submissions.

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Drone Racing


Interested in drone racing?

Contact us or stop by the RRC to find out more.

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West Point’s Academic Research Directorate (ARD) assists with research requests. You can learn more at the ARD site or by emailing the Associate Dean of Research.