Jonathan W. Roginski, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Insider Threat
Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy


Jan Kallberg, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy

West Point Insider Threat Program (WPITP) Mission

To connect Department of Defense and Department of the Army’s Insider Threat efforts with an interdisciplinary team at the United States Military Academy and beyond to counter the Insider Threat by fostering a positive leadership climate that reduces threat likelihood and impact. To leverage these connections against developing research that enriches staff and cadets beyond the classroom and deploys contributions to strengthen the enterprise.


Value Statement

The Insider Threat Program at West Point benefits the Army and Department of Defense with its contributions to (i) research, development, and deployment of tools that point leadership toward personnel experiencing trauma and/or hardship, (ii) promotion of climate, culture, and atmosphere that reduces threat and improves retention, (iii) enhancement of values-based hiring practices, and (iv) promotion of innovative  Insider Threat and Insider Risk thinking in the next generation of leaders.


The WPITP integrates and synchronizes interdisciplinary research efforts on behalf of the Department of Defense and Department of the Army efforts to understand, detect, and mitigate Insider Risk factors and Insider Threat behavior. Most importantly, the program contributes to developing the next generation of leaders with the thinking necessary to reduce the potential impact of Insider Threat activity before it manifests. 


We Integrate 

As a program, we thrive on interdisciplinarity and build teams that integrate diverse perspectives from military to civilian, public to private, academic to operational, pragmatic to ethical, government to non-government, quantitative to qualitative. 


We Research 

We continually seek opportunities to broaden, deepen, and otherwise enrich the body of knowledge contributing to the understanding of the Insider Risk factors and Insider Threat behaviors. 


We Develop 

Our program fosters innovative thinking in contemporary context to develop creativity and agility of thought in the next generation’s leaders of character operating in an increasingly complex world.