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About Research Activities


The Associate Dean for Research, and the Academic Research Council serve as the Dean’s source of research information, outreach and oversight. They develop and implement the processes and programs to facilitate research by the cadets and faculty.

Associate Dean for Research

The Associate Dean for Research heads the Institute for Innovation and Development, and serves as the focal point for research and liaison to external research agencies. Advises the Dean on matters pertaining to academic research and leveraging faculty expertise to the Army and our nation. Provides the institutional oversight on all research activities and research resourcing at West Point.
Dr. Elizabeth V. Velilla received her B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and her Ph.D. in Social Personality Psychology, from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Her general research area is learning and motivation, with a special interest in engagement and persistence in higher education. Dr. Velilla has served as the Human Protections Administrator (HPA) and subject matter expert on human research compliance for USA MEDDAC West Point-Keller Army Community Hospital and the United States Military Academy. In addition to her appointment as the Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Institute for Innovation and Development, Dr Velilla teaches PL100: General Psychology for Leaders, and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership.

Academic Research Council


    Fosters cooperation among West Point departments and research organizations to promote research activities at the Academy. Serves as an advisory and recommending body to the Dean on matters relating to academic research at West Point.

    • ARC Chair:
      LTC Eugene Gregory - Department of Foreign Languages
    • ARC Deputy Chair:
    • LTC Matthew Dabkowski - Department of Systems Engineering

    Academic Research Council Members

    • COL Jake Laporte - Department of Mathematics
    • LTC Luis Alvarez - Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences
    • LTC Matthew Dabkowski - Department of Systems and Nuclear Engineering
    • LTC Brian Novoselich - Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering
    • Dr. Lisa M. Korenman - Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership
    • LTC Harry Jones - Department of English & Philosophy
    • LTC Ian J. Irmischer - Department of Geography and Nuclear Engineering
    • Dr. David Frey - Department of History
    • Dr. Anthony DiSarro - Department of Law
    • Dr. Thomas Sherlock - Department of Social Sciences
    • LTC Chad Schools - Nuclear Science Engineering & Research Center
    • LTC Michael Lanham - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Dr. Jennifer Hewit - Department of Physical Education
    • COL Liam Collins - Department of Military Instruction