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Office of Chaplains : Cadet Ministries

Cadet Ministries
This is a list of religious activities available to cadets in addition to the Services.
​Assembly of God ​Rev Erik Stubbs, 446-0402
​Baptist Student Union (BSU) ​LTC David Harvie, 938-2056
​Cadet Catholic Choir ​Meredith Baker, 938-3544
​Cadet Lunch Study ​CH Joey Odell, 938-4991
​Catholic Folk Group ​COL Andy Glen, 938-5988
​Cadet Chapel Ushers ​CH Don Carrothers, 938-3412
​Catholic Cadet Catechists ​LTC Dan McCarthy, 938-4893
​Chi Alpha Christian Ministry (XA) CH Barron Wester, 938-3875
​Church of Christ ​CPT Ryan Scott, 938-5878
​Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints LTC Scott Woodbrey, 938-7510
​Eastern Orthodox ​Fr J. Frawley, 201-342-7052
​Episcopal (Canterbury Club) ​LTC Tom Oakley, 446-2197
​Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) ​LTC Dave Lyle, 938-3329
​Hillel ​CH David Ruderman, 938-2710
​Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir ​CH David Ruderman, 938-2710,
​Knights of Columbus ​Bro. Carlos Hernandez, 216-2656
Latter Day Saints (LDS) ​Lutheran Rob Carter, 348-2182
​Muslim Ministries MAJ Edward Hoogland, 938-3446
​Navigators ​CPT Robert Van Wey, 938-2922
​Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF) ​CPT John Goodwill, 938-7214
​Protestant Cadet Chapel Choir ​Craig Williams, 938-7352
​Protestant Sunday School Teachers (PSST) MAJ Matthew Webb, 845-704-8137
​United Catholic Fellowship (UCF) ​Dave Jones, 938-0877