Photo of Dr. Carl Lundell

Dr. Carl Lundell

Laboratory Program Director


Carl Lundell serves as the laboratory program director, provides oversight on all department instrumentation and responsible for executing the department’s financial resources. He retired after serving 24 years as an Army officer having held numerous positions within both the conventional force and the Joint Special Operations community.  He deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. He received his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from Temple University. Upon leaving the Army, he served as a delivery weapons expert for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), before returning to the Academy to take his current role.

Ongoing Research Projects

Dr. Lundell’s research involves the development of novel burn rate modifiers and stabilizer molecules for propellant formulas.

Publications & Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Lundell, C., Zdilla, M., Patent pending 63/495,154. Low Toxicity Metal-Ligand Complexes and Compositions Thereof for Methods of Enhancing Burn Rate; 2023.

Lundell, C.E. Development of Novel Burn Rate Additives for Double Base Propellants, Thesis, Temple University, Philadelphia PA, 2022.

Eslinger. M., Lundell, C., Rodriguez, R.,A Calculated Bang: Explosive Predictions and the Ideal Gas Law, National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, 1 June 2020.

Lundell, C., O’Sullivan, O., Gau, M., Zdilla, M., Synthesis of Two Lead Complexes of Propellant Stabilizer Compounds: In Pursuit of Novel Propellant Additives. Chemistry Select. 2017, 35, 11673-11676.

Abstracts & Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Lundell, C., A Novel Double Base Propellant Additive, Annual Aerospace and Aeronautics Defense Forum, John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, April 2023. (Oral)

Lundell, C., Zdilla, M., O’Sullivan, O., Gau, M., Comparative study with tetrakis (μ3-(4-methyl -3-nitrophnly imido lead (II)) and analogous tin (II) as mesa burn rate phenomena complexes. ACS National Conference, 2016. (Poster)