MAJ Justin Hunter

MAJ Justin C. Hunter



Major Hunter is an instructor and in the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences and teaches general chemistry. After earning a B.S. in Chemistry from the United States Military Academy in 2012, he commissioned as an ordnance officer and went to explosive ordnance disposal school (EOD) graduating with the basic EOD badge in 2013. Major Hunter served as the platoon leader and executive officer of 717th OD CO (EOD) in Fort Campbell, KY and the 16th Special Troops Battalion Operations officer and 720th OD (EOD) CO Commander in Baumholder, Germany. Major Hunter has experience working throughout Europe including: Poland, Iceland, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, and Slovenia. In 2022 Major Hunter received his M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. His thesis “Developing A Novel Small-Scale Test to Predict Large-Scale Explosivity” focused on the study of energetic materials. Captain Hunter’s training include Air Assault, Ordnance Basic Officer Leader Course, EOD School Phase I and II, Logistics and EOD Captain’s Career Courses, and Senior EOD Badge.

Ongoing Research Projects

Major Hunter’s graduate research focused on energetic materials (i.e. explosives) and their effects. A joint project between his graduate program at URI and West Point focused on the detection of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in munitions that have been burned or detonated. Major Hunter currently conducts research on the PFAS project, energetics analysis of medieval black powder, and the additive manufacturing (3D printing) of energetic materials. 

Publications & Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

A. Kominia, J. Hunter, J. Smith, J. Oxley, Characterization and Testing of Unstable Oxidizers: Ammonium Chlorate and Nitrite. Propellants Explos. Pyrotech. 2022, e202200099.

Hunter, J. C.; Oxley, J. C.; Smith, J. L. Developing A Novel Small-Scale Test to Predict Large-Scale Explosivity. Propellants, Explos. Pyrotech. Publication Pending