Photo of Louis Tobergte

CPT Louis Tobergte



Captain Tobergte is an instructor in the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences and teaches general chemistry. After winning a Rotary Scholarship and graduating at the top of the West Point Class of 2014, he married fellow 2014 graduate Jessica Niemiec and then studied Water, Sanitation and Health engineering at the University of Leeds, England. Upon finishing his fieldwork in Zimbabwe and submitting his master’s dissertation, he served in the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) in Vicenza, Italy and then completed the Special Forces Qualification Course before commanding SFOD-A 7211. He completed a second master’s degree in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh before returning to West Point in 2023. He and his wife have 4 rambunctious children and are active in Most Holy Trinity parish and the West Point homeschooling network. Captain Tobergte also volunteers as a podcast host for the Irregular Warfare Podcast and occasionally enjoys endurance challenges.

Ongoing Research Projects

Captain Tobergte’s research career began with investigating the long-term sustainability of behavior change initiatives for water and sanitation practices in Zimbabwe. His current research focuses on machine learning and wildfire modeling to optimize controlled burn strategies.