Photo of LTC Robert McMahon

LTC Robert McMahon

Assistant Professor


LTC McMahon is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Life Science and teaches courses in biology. In 1990 he enlisted in the US Army as a 13F, Fire Support Specialist and served as a Squad Leader in the 82nd Airborne Division. He was awarded a Green to Gold Scholarship and earned a B.S in biochemistry from Seton Hall. He commissioned as a chemical officer and server in the US Army Technical Escort Unit with deployments to Iraq. In 2008 he designated in Functional Area 52, Nuclear and Counterproliferation. After earning a M.S. in nuclear engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, he went on to serve as a nuclear engineer at the TRIGA (Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics) reactor in the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute located in Bethesda, MD.

Ongoing Research Projects

LTC McMahon’s research interests include the utilization of bioprinted material to evaluate the efficacy of countermeasures to the Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation.

Publications & Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Lagasse, B.A., Bowers, P., Kick, A., Gettings, M., Chin, J., Calangi, N.L., McMahon, R., Burpo, F.J. Army Officer Corps Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Foundation Gaps Place Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Operations at Risk - Part 3. Countering WMD Journal. Spring/Summer 2023 (26), 43-50.

Alexandra C. Miller*, Rafael Rivas, Robert McMahon, Karvelisse Miller, Leonard Tesoro, Vilmar Villa, Daminik Yanushkevich & Paul Lison. “Radiation protection and mitigation potential of phenylbutyrate: delivered via oral administration.” International Journal of Radiation Biology, 2017 Sep;93(9):907-919.

*Corresponding author

Abstracts & Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

McMahon R, Picou T, Betz J, Gaston J, Rivas R, Simantov G, Thomas A, Ho V, Miller AC*. “The Use of 3D Bioprinted Models to Better Understand the Health Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Military Personnel.” USUHS Research Days, Bethesda, MD, 15 May 2019. (Poster)

Robert McMahon, Rafael Rivas, Leonard Tesoro, Vilmar Villa, Thomas Powell, Peter Pavolic, Gregor Kovalenko, Nikola Kozaric, Vyktoria Riley, Max Costa, Alexandra Miller*. “Complexity of Radiation Exposures: Understanding Dose Rate Effects and Mechanisms to Improve Countermeasure Development as well as Improve Low Dose Risk Assessment.” USUHS Research Days, Bethesda, MD, 17 May 2017. (Poster)