LTC Adrian Biggerstaff

LTC Adrian Biggerstaff

Deputy Director, Civil Engineering Division


Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Biggerstaff is the Deputy Director of the Civil Engineering Division within the Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering (C&ME). He was commissioned as an Engineer Officer from the U.S. Military Academy in 2005, where he majored in Civil Engineering. He has served in a variety of assignments around the world to include Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, and Eastern Europe. LTC Biggerstaff served in the department from 2014-2016 and again from 2022 to present. Along the way, he earned Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering (Missouri S&T), Management Science (Stanford University), and Civil Engineering (Stanford University) and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Stanford University). He has taught a number of courses in C&ME ranging from structural engineering and steel design to thermal fluid systems. His research interests include topics in sustainable construction materials and systems, decision analysis, and engineering education. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Missouri and a Project Management Professional.

Publications & Presentations

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