MAJ Joe Dietz



Major Joe Dietz graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 2005 with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering and in 2007 with a Master's of Science in mechanical engineering. He commissioned as a Transportation Officer into the Reserves, also in 2007. He served as a platoon leader during deployment to Kuwait/Iraq in 2008 and as a detachment leader during deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. He holds a PE license in Florida and has spent the last 14 years designing ground facilities and equipment for multiple space launch providers. He currently works for Blue Origin as a Systems Engineer in Launch Operations and is a faculty member of the USMA Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

Ongoing Research Projects

Space Engineering and Applied Research (SPEAR)

Publications & Presentations

Technical Publications:

Nathan S. Humbert, Jeremy D. Paquin, Brandon Cea, Chase M. Lewis, Connor McQueen, Nicholas Mcdonald, Joseph Dietz and Chalie Galliand. "Development of Solid Rocket Igniter System for Turn-Key Space Access," AIAA 2021-3691. AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2021 Forum. August 2021.

Joseph P. Dietz and G. Wayne Finger. "Retrofitting Launch Pads for the Future of Crewed Flight," AIAA 2014-4448. AIAA SPACE 2014 Conference and Exposition. August 2014.