Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

What are the conditions at West Point?  

The current risk level to the West Point community is MODERATE. We have two confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases at West Point.  For more information

For any question about Keller Army Community Hospital please go to and

Where can the most up to date information be found?  

Continue to monitor our website and social media sites Twitter: @WestPoint_USMA and Facebook: @USAGWestPoint for current updates.  

Are the cadets able to learn via virtual/online learning? 

Yes, online learning began Thursday, March 19. The Dean’s team has a website with recommended best practices for virtual learning. The website can be found at here. In addition to this, there is training available to instructors if needed. 

When will you bring the Corps of Cadets back?  

Due to the significant changes regarding the health risks associated with COVID-19, the Corps of Cadets will not return to West Point on 29 March as originally planned. Keeping the corps at home will better ensure the safety of the corps, staff, faculty, and the West Point community. West Point leadership continues to monitor the situation and has not set a firm return date at this time.

No decision has been made yet about graduation and commissioning for the Class of 2020. Academy leadership will continue to conduct a thorough planning process to ensure the safe return of the corps at the right time. They will continue to plan for the commissioning of the Class of 2020 to meet the needs of the Army. A decision on the timing and scope of this event is based on the safety of our cadets and the community. 

West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl A. William's full letter to the Corps of Cadets can be read here.

Are you planning to cancel events, sports, conferences, graduation? 

Per the guidance from the CDC and DOD, events will be canceled on a case by case basis. Several events have been cancelled. Army West Point Athletic events have been canceled for the remainder of the academic year. Sandhurst and multiple other events have also been canceled. The most up to date information on cancellation can be found at No decision has been made about graduation at this time.

Is West Point still notifying applicants whether they've been accepted for the Class of 2024?  

Yes.  For any questions about admissions please go to or call your regional commander.  

Will Admissions visits continue? 

West Point Admissions has cancelled all visits.

Is West Point prepared for an outbreak on its bases?

As with any military operation, we want to be trained, equipped and prepared to contain the coronavirus quickly and effectively if an outbreak were to occur in or around our bases. Units are conducting preparations in the event a cadet, Soldier, family member or civilian employee is diagnosed with COVID-19.  

Does West Point have the ability to test for COVID-19 at this time? And if not, is there a plan to make those tests available?  

No, Keller Army Community Hospital takes the samples, we have the test kits and then we send them to Albany for testing. However, we're not testing everyone that is requesting them. If you come in and you are deemed that you need the test, their recommendations go on to the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital, who is following guidance from Orange County before submitting those tests to Albany. 

What does it mean to be in quarantine?

Keller strongly recommends anyone in quarantine - whether command- or self-directed - should do their best to "remain inside" as much as possible and "limit their contact with other people" as much as possible for the quarantine period. Instruction for how to quarantining and tips for doing so at home can be found here. Additional resources can be found at

If I have family members with a visitor pass, will they be able to visit us? Or are they restricted from post? 

Yes, if you have family members, they will be able to visit you if they are here. You have to get them or bring them in. However, if you're in a quarantine status or an isolated status, the answer would be no for that question. That is our current policy that could change in the future depending on what happens but for now you can get them in. 

Are you still hiring new employees? If you are, how do they get on post to start work?  

Please check with your new supervisor for guidance.

What is West Point doing to inform their Soldiers, families and civilians regarding ongoing support and requirements to prepare for or mitigate exposure to coronavirus?

West Point leadership are hosting virtual town halls to inform Soldiers, families and civilians about how they are responding to and supporting efforts to prepare for or prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, we are using our social media platforms to inform internal audiences of the latest installation, Army and CDC guidance. You may also check

How is the Army prepared to respond to this outbreak?

West Point has standing plans to respond to an infectious disease outbreak and we are executing those plans at our bases and operating locations around the world. The Army is taking precautionary measures to protect the health of the force and maintain operational readiness.

What are the plans for the elementary and middle schools the Child development center and hourly care? 

Schools are closed indefinitely. Child Development Center, hourly care, youth sports, teen program and school-age services are all closed until further notice. DoDEA schools have begun virtual learning.

What’s the current plan for MWR sports? And if/when things are cancelled (sports, programs, care), how will families get refunds?

 All MWR activities are cancelled. The bowling center restaurant is open for grab and go along with delivery.  For up to date information visit or

Where can I find information about everything that is open or closed on West Point?  

The West Point Garrison Facebook page, the DFMWR Facilities and Services page at and    

I am a military retiree and use KACH/Commissary am I still permitted access to the installation in the case that West Point closes? 

Yes, authorized retirees are permitted access to the installation for the purpose of visiting the commissary and PX. 

If the post is closed to visitors, who is considered a visitor? 

If you are not a DOD ID card holder or do not currently have a Visitor ID, you are not allowed access to post.

What facilities are open and have they changed their procedures to support potential virus spread?

The West Point Commissary and Post Exchange are open. However, access is controlled to promote social distancing. All users must be DOD ID card holders.

What accommodations are in place for the support staff? Could they work from home if quarantine becomes necessary?

Please check with your supervisor for the latest guidance.  The academy is reviewing the list of essential personnel.