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About DCA
DCA operates the Eisenhower Hall Theatre, the Cadet Restaurant, Grant Hall, the Cadet Store, and the Cadet Bookstore. Within DCA, cadet publications are produced such as the award-winning Howitzer Yearbook, the West Point Calendar, Bugle Notes, the Circle in the Spiral Literary Journal, and the West Point Planner. Cadet Programs sponsors weekly events such as dances and yearly traditions including Ring Weekend, Yearling Winter Weekend, and Plebe-Parent Weekend. The Extracurricular, Business, Transportation, and Procurement branches of DCA work together to provide cadet clubs with support and equipment. Finally, the Eisenhower Hall Theatre, the East Coast's second largest cultural arts theatre, remains the Hudson Valley's premiere theatre presenting a host of world class performances annually.

Support/Service Operations: The Support Division develops and implements the financial and business operations of the Directorate. Responsibilities include management of: Resources, Facilities, Information Systems, and Cadet Publications Program which coordinates the production and sales of USMA publications: Bugle Notes, Howitzer, Pointer, Mortar, Wall Calendar and Planner, and also provides guidance and coordination for commercial sponsorship to DCA extracurricular clubs.

Cadet Programs: Cadet Social Programs responsibilities' include supervising members of the Class Ring, Crest, Hop Committees and Brigade Social Programs. They organize and plan traditional class and Corps weekend activities. Special functions include Dining-In, Hops, and other related social events.
  • Class Weekends: Class committees will organize and supervise the planning of class weekend activities.
  • Corps Weekends and Special Events: The Cadet Program Manager will coordinate these activities.
  • Hostess Sponsored Programs: The Cadet Hostess offers a variety of programs for the social development of cadets, including dance class. Procurement of flowers and favors for Class Weekends is also made in coordination with members of the Hop Committee.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Plans, budgets, coordinates, and supervises authorized athletic, recreational, academic, religious, hobby, committee, and Corps support clubs and activities.
Cultural Arts Branch: The Cultural Arts Branch is the principal management component for the Eisenhower Hall Theatre and its related resources. The Cultural Arts Branch provides cadets and the West Point community at large with a comprehensive, diverse arts offering. The program includes but is not limited to classical/popular music, dance, ballet, drama, music theatre, and the visual arts. The Cultural Arts program is a complementary educational adjunct to the United States Military Academy.

Food Service Operation- Cadet Restaurant Branch: The Cadet Restaurant Branch, through a management unit, an administrative unit, and several annexes, engage in the sale of alcoholic (wine and beer) beverages, soft drinks, fast food items, and packaged foods to cadets and food catering services to support the Corps of Cadets.
  • Snack Bar: Provides short order food service.
  • First Class Club: Provides alcoholic beverages and short order food service for the First Class Cadets.
  • Grant Hall: Provides short order and take-out service to the Corps of Cadets.
  • Barth Hall: The Camp Buckner extension of snack bar and Boodler service to Cadet Field Training.
In order to maximize the use and exposure of West Point, the West Point Club (WPC) has partnered with the Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) for catering services. The WPC is West Point's caterer for all non-cadet related events and the entry point for all catering questions. Should the WPC, due to size restrictions or date conflicts, be unable to cater your event there is an agreement in place that allows the WPC to refer you to their partner, DCA, located in Eisenhower Hall.

Retail Operation: The Superintendent establishes the purpose, patronage, operating philosophy, and the governance for the USMA Cadet Store and Bookstore. As a component of the Cadet Activities Fund, both are subject to the rules and regulations which govern the Directorate of Cadet Activities.
  • Cadet Store: The mission of the Cadet Store is as follows: a)To provide such material as may be required for the professional and military training of the cadets. b)To make available optional items that are supportive of cadet life and performance in a regulated, confined, and strenuous environment. c)The Cadet Store will function as an (APF) activitiy with respect to the resale of prescribed academic and military related items required by the Corps of Cadets. It is the fiscal component of the Cadet Activities Fund for administering the resale of merchandise that supports the cadets' cultural, social, and extracurricular lifestyle at the USMA.
  • USMA Bookstore:
    • The purpose of the USMA Bookstore is to support the USMA's role as a baccalaureate institution. Merchandise and services offered for retail sale will be similiar to those provided by bookstores at colleges comparable to USMA.
    • The USMA Bookstore is a nonprofit activity with mark-up on resale items sufficient to cover expenses, provide funds for expansion, capital improvements and for cadet extracurricular activities.