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Academic Clubs
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Amateur Radio CPT  Mathew G. Sherburne 845-938-5580
American Chemical Society Dr. Caitlin Kneapler 845-938-0460​
American Institute of Chemical Engineers ​MAJ John Belanger ​845-938-3027
American Society for Engineering Management​ CPT Jacqueline Harris 845-938-6493
Astronomy Dr. Paula Fekete​ 845-938-4545​
Behavioral Science and Leadership Seminar​

Cadet Competitive Cyber Team ​LTC David Raymond 845-938-3071​
​Cadet Community on Civil-Military Operations ​LTC Andrew Lohman 845-938-2930​
Cadet Fine Arts Forum COL Jesse Zuck 845-938-2231
African-American Arts Dr. Jessica Stock 845-938-3552
Creative Writing Forum Dr. Mary Ann Meyers
Elsie Sannes Pinnell Art Forum MAJ Thomas Ward 845-938-4745
Film Forum MAJ Hendrik Miller 845-938-3882
Hudson Valley Cultural Forum MAJ Sean Dansberger 845-938-2646
Jazz Forum MAJ Paul Deleon 845-938-2661
Opera Forum Dr. Marc Napolitano 845-938-8184
Philosophy Forum Dr. Graham Parsons 845-938-3553
Studio Arts Forum Dr. Lay Phonexayphova
Civil and Military Engineering Club LTC Paul Moody 845-938-6511
Debate Council and Forum Dr. Thomas Sherlock 845-938-2864
Debate Forum LtCol Patrick Kriz 845-938-3486
Domestic Affairs Forum CPT(P) Meghan Starr 845-938-3144
Ethics Debate Forum LTC John Bauer 845-938-4685
Investment Forum MAJ Isaac Wisniewski 845-938-0855
Model Arab League LTC David Shively 845-938-4143
Model UN (West Point Forum) MAJ Andy Webb 845-938-2238
Speech and Parliamentary Debate Forum CPT Amy McCarthy 845-938-5547
Student Conference on US Affairs (SCUSA) MAJ Devlin Winkelstein 845-938-2342
Electronics Experimenters Group CPT William North 845-938-5995
Engineers & Scientists for a Sustainable World CPT Charles Ouellette 845-938-3093
Foreign Language and Culture COL John Baskerville 845-938-5943
Arabic Forum MAJ Greg Mitchell 845-938-0059
Chinese Forum CPT Frankliin Kessler 845-938-2426
French Forum Dr. Julia Praud 845-938-0317
German Forum CPT Charles Brown 845-938-8737
Polish Language Forum (Kosciusko Squadron) LTC Michael Nawatkowski 845-938-4927
Portuguese Forum Dr. Sarah Martin 845-938-0257
Russian Forum Dr. Jeff Watson 845-938-0292
Spanish Forum MAJ Ricardo Fregosa 845-938-0311
Gamma Theta Upsilon​ MAJ Amy Krakowka​ 845-938-3735​
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Dr. Aron St. Leger​ 845-938-5323​
Mathematics Forum LTC Tim Povich  845-938-7148
Mechanical Engineering Club MAJ Brodie Hoyer 845-938-7084
Nuclear Engineering Club CPT Sam Heider 845-938-2439​
Society of American Military Engineers LTC Ben Wallen 845-938-4658
Society of Physics Students Dr. Dave Kashinski 845-938-0184
Systems Club MAJ Benjamin Morales​ 845-938-7705​
Wargames Committee Dr. John Stapleton 845-938-2730​