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Hobby Clubs
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Bowling LTC Kirk Ingold 845-938-5565
Chess MAJ Ben Griffin 845-938-5587
Club Hockey ​COL Paul Evangelista 845-938-5181​
Combat Conditioning CPT Andrew Inman 845-938-7745
Grill Club
LTC Keith McManus 845-938-5042
Mixed Martial Arts COL Denton Knapp 845-938-6415
Combatives MAJ Aquila Knopf 845-938-0187
Karate Dr. Rich Schoonhoven 845-938-2485
Kendo SFC Scott Tedeton 845-938-3043
Tae Kwon Do Dr. Rich Schoonhoven 845-938-2485
Obstacle Course Team CPT Philip Anderson 845-938-8207
Outdoor Sports Mr. Todd Messitt 845-938-7519
Bass Fishing Mr. Todd Messitt 845-938-7519
Hunting CPT Jeff Salem 845-938-5663
Fly Fishing LTC Ronald Hasz 845-938-8611
Ultimate Frisbee CPT Walter Thomas 845-938-0670
​Paintball ​LTC Corey Gerving 845-938-5895
Racquetball ​Mr. Michael DeGrave ​845-938-3080
Sailing ​CPT John Eisenlohr ​845-938-4877
SCUBA LTC Corey James 845-938-4190
Skeet and Trap ​LTC Carl Wojtaszek ​845-938-4285
Snow Sports Dr. Gunnar Tamm 845-938-5515
Alpine MAJ Thomas Herman 845-938-5825
Nordic Ski Dr. Laura Mosher 845-938-8296
Ski Club Mr. Gunner Tamm  845-938-5515
​Soccer ​Ms. Colin Brodmerkel
​Yoga MAJ Jessica Dawson ​845-938-8645