The Office of the Adjutant General (G1)


The G1's primary functions are:

  • To plan, administer, and supervise administrative services and military personnel service support, which includes officer and enlisted strength management for the West Point Community.
  • To manage Soldier programs and provide direct military personnel service to all assigned, tenant, and attached units at West Point.
  • To provide retirement, retention, personnel processing, records management, and casualty assistance reporting services.
  • To coordinate and participate in graduation and other ceremonial events.
  • To advise the Staff and Faculty on all matters pertaining to human resources in support of the United States Military Academy' mission.
  • The G1 also oversees the the USMA Student Detachment,  primarily composed of permanent professors on sabbatical or attending Senior Service College, and ELDP officers; and the USMA Active Duty Accessions Detachment, primarily composed of pre-BOLC USMA graduate lieutenants. 




PersonnelPhone NumberRoom Number
Adjutant General, G1938-6104Bldg. 626, 168A
Deputy G1 / Chief, Strength Management938-8448Bldg. 626, 169
G1, Plans & Resources Officer938-9664Bldg. 626, 172
Admin Services Assistant938-2098Bldg. 626,  
Cadet Separations & CFC938-4364Bldg. 626, 
Enlisted Strength Manager, NCOIC  938-2331 Bldg. 626, 171
Officer Strength Manager    938-2118  Bldg. 626,170
Administrative Services Branch938-2098Bldg. 626,  
Career Counselor / Reenlistment938-7242 / DSN: 688-7242Bldg. 626,  
HHC Commander  938-3125Bldg. 626,  167
HHC 1SG938-8450Bldg. 626,  166
HHC Administration938-2223Bldg. 626,  164
Human Capital Plan and Development Spec938-6534Bldg. 626, 186