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Department of Military Instruction : Sandhurst Competition

Sandhurst Competition

In 1967, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) presented West Point with a British officer’s sword. The intent was for the sword to be the prize for a competition, the aim of which was to promote military excellence among the Corps of Cadets. The original purpose statement reads as follows - "To provide the Corps of Cadets with a challenging and rewarding regimental skills competition, which will enhance professional development and military excellence in selected soldier skills."
Sandhurst 2019 Purpose
To deliver the world's premier international academy military skills competition that inspires cadets to achieve military excellence in their chosen profession by competing in a physically and mentally rigorous leadership and small unit military skills challenge that reflects the tempo, uncertainty, and tasks of combat operations.
Competition Overview
Each squad is required to perform a series of military tasks along a designated route. Scores are determined by combining the points they earn by performing each military task along the route. Examples of events can include but are not limited to the following:
·         Obstacle Course
·         Day Land Navigation
·         Night Land Navigation
·         Zodiac Water Crossing
·         Rifle Marksmanship
·         Pistol Marksmanship
·         Leadership Evaluation
·         Trauma Care (under fire)
·         Medical Evaluation
·         Basic Infantry Squad Tasks
·         Functional Fitness
·         CBRN
·         Call For Fire
Team Start Times for 12 April 2019: TBD
Sandhurst Squad Composition
·         Squads must include at least two male and two female members. The squad must consist of eleven members; 9x Primary 2x Alternates.
·         Alternates will run the entire competition with their squad, each event must be completed with a nine person squad with at least one male and one female member. The Squad Leader can chose to substitute squad members at each event.
·         All cadets must volunteer to take part in Sandhurst 2019. There are no restrictions on the number of times a cadet can compete during their time at their respective academy.
·         There is no age limit on squad members.
·         If a squad member arrives at the competition injured they will not be able to take part in the competition.
Important Dates for External Teams for Sandhurst 2019
·         External Team Recon (4-5 February 2019)
·         Modern War Institute (MWI) Conference (8 April 2019)
·         External Team Training (9-11 April 2019)
·         Sandhurst 2019 Competition (12-13 April 2019)
Sandhurst Documents
·         2019 External Team Recon Briefs (Published NLT: 25 January 2019)
·         2019 Packing List (Published NLT: February 2019)
·         Sandhurst 2019 RFI's
The DMI Sandhurst Point of Contact for External Teams is CPT Thomas Rylands at email:
Get Microsoft SilverlightSandhurst 2017 Competition Video

Director of Department of Military Instruction (DMI 6) Competitive Priorities
1.   Leader Development
2.   Show-casing Military Skills and Excellence
3.   Building Relationships and Camaraderie
4.   Winning