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The West Point Simulation Center

The mission of the West Point Simulation Center is to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets through design, development and application of full spectrum simulation training programs. We also serve as a platform for multi-disciplinary research and innovation to improve leader development and enhance military training.

The center consists of an over 2100 sq. ft. computer lab space capable of hosting up to 40 networked computers. The Simulation Center provides a platform for cadet research and studies with access to current simulations and simulation networking capabilities.

The Simulation Center enhances the Military Science program by introducing current and new faculty as well as Cadets to current Army modeling and simulations technologies that can improve their professional careers, training programs as well as their classroom instruction by incorporating blended learning.
The center provides cadet leadership with a venue for tactical training throughout the academic year allowing the Corps to sustain and improve individual, collective and leadership skills in a simulated environment.


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Simulation Systems
Engagement Skills Trainer 2 
Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3)
Points of Contact:
LTC Christopher Hartline
Director, FA57 
Washington Hall, Room 6315
Phone: (845) 938-2287
DSN: 688-2287
Mr. Victor Castro
Deputy Director, CP36
Washington Hall, Room 6315
Phone: (845) 938-7960
DSN: 688-7960
Mr. Ed McElvaney
Games for Training, SME
Washington Hall, Room 6315
Phone: (845) 938-2071
DSN: 688-2071