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Boxing (PE116) 

Course Director: Dr. Ray Barone 


The Class Culminates with Cadets engaging in 3 authentic graded bouts designed to evaluate participants technical skills and the ability to manage fear & stress in a fearful environment. A boxing instructor briefs cadets on the rules of engagement before executing graded evaluations. Cadets learn to generate punching power through applying biomechanical principles common to many sports. After each graded evaluation, cadets are scored and a winner is declared. Female cadets engaged in a graded evaluation. Boxing is now a graduation requirement for all cadets regardless of gender. Cadets are taught to assume an on guard stance which is advantageous to both offense and defense. Cadets are also encourage to displayed controlled aggression throughout the course. In the interest of boxer safety, Cadets are evenly matched in the ring by gender, body weight and skill-level. For safety reasons, graded evaluations take place inside a boxing ring.


A course in which the offensive and defensive skills of amateur boxing are taught. Course content includes stances, movement, basic punches (i.e. jab, cross, hook, and upper cut), defenses, strategies, and tactics. Instruction on refereeing, judging, and serving as a corner second are presented. Boxers are evaluated, assessed and provided feedback on their ability to box. The course exposes participants to the coping strategies necessary to deal with a physical threat.