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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When should I begin training for Cadet Basic Training (CBT)?
A: Your training for CBT should start no later than 12 weeks prior to R-Day. Early and adequate physical preparation will provide you with the confidence and physical abilities necessary to successfully graduate CBT and reduce your risk of injury.
Q: How frequently will I be expected to run during CBT?
A: You will generally run between 5-6 days a week during CBT. Running will consist of 1-2 miles of formation runs to Physical Readiness Training (PRT) areas, distance runs in ability groups, and sprint training exercises. Do not solely focus on improving your capacity to run; please ensure you conduct varied muscular fitness activities as listed in the Cadet Candidate individualized program.
Q: If someone can’t do the prescribed muscular fitness exercises on the individualized program, what should they do?
A: There are alternate exercises for each activity. Please watch the video for a more detailed description of how to do the alternate exercises.
Pull-Up with band or negative
Push-Up on Knees
Only the negative
Ankles To Bar
Knees to Elbows
Q: If I miss a day of working out, where should I pick up? What if I miss an entire week?
A: If you miss a session for some reason, just pick up where you left off with the next day’s session. However, if you miss a whole week of sessions, you will have to start the week over.