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Cadets in SCUBA class Cadets learning to use their uniforms to stay afloat. Cadets striking. Cadets performing the vault event on the IOCT. A cadet bouldering on rock climbing wall.

Physical Domain Outcome Goals

Cadet Excellence. Upon commissioning, West Point graduates will:
1. Demonstrate physical excellence
2. Plan, prepare, execute, assess, and improve physical readiness training
3. Live honorably and develop effective teams
4. Demonstrate resiliency and courage
5. Commit to a lifetime of optimal physical performance
Faculty Excellence.
1. Maintain a diverse and professional faculty
2. Develop and retain a high quality staff and faculty
Army Excellence.
1. Provide disciplinary expertise to West Point and the Army through educational and research efforts to optimize physical performance
2. Provide disciplinary expertise to the Army through an academic major in exercise science – kinesiology
Programmatic Excellence.
1. Provide contemporary educational and training facilities where cadets can optimize their physical fitness and movement skills
2. Provide opportunities for cadets to develop effective teams through sport and physical activity
3. Provide a comprehensive risk management strategy for all program activities to minimize risk while facilitating physical development