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Each Academic Year, the USMA Department of Physical Education hosts The Lieutenant General Hal Moore Warrior Athlete of Excellence Award in the fall and The Coach Mike Krzyzewski Award for Excellence in Teaching Character Through Sport in the spring.
 The Coach Mike Krzyzewski Award for Excellence in Teaching Character Through Sport


 The Mike Krzyzewski Award for Excellence in Teaching Character Through Sport recognizes West Point athletes and coaches (sport educators) for their outstanding commitment to the development of noble character through athletic participation and leadership. Awardees are designated for each category of sport within the West Point Competitive Sports Program: Corps Squad, Competitive Club Athletics, and Company Athletics.

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LTG Hal Moore Warrior Athlete of Excellence Award


​The Department of Physical Education selects and recognizes two 1st class cadets (one man and one woman) who best exemplify the qualities of LTG Hal Moore (mental toughness, perseverance, winning spirit, humility) and the tenets of warrior ethos in the​ Department of Physical Education competitive sports and combatives programs.

LTG Moore graduated from West Point in 1945. In November of 1965, LTG Moore and his under strength battalion of 450 Soldiers fought and won the first major battle of the Vietnam War against over 2,000 North Vietnamese Regulars.

LTG Moore holds two Combat Infantry Badges, the Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation's second highest award for valor. In 2003, LTG Moore was selected by the United States Military Academy Association of Graduates as a "Distinguished Graduate".


LTG Hal Moore and CSM Basil Plumley in Vietnam in 1965 


CSM Basil Plumley and LTG Hal Moore at West Point in 2003
Selection Process
  •  Initial Screening Criteria:  
​Event ​Standard
​PE116 (Boxing) ​Top 10% of year group
​PE360 (Combat Applications) ​Top 5% of year group
​Character in Sport Index (CSI) ​B+ or higher during 4th, 3rd, and 2nd class years
​Indoor Obstacle Course Test (IOCT) ​B+ or higher on most recent IOCT
​DPE Core Courses ​No Failures
​Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) ​No Failures
  • Likert Scale: used to assess cadets that pass the initial screening
  • Selection Committee: consists of the Master of the Sword, Director of Combatives, Senior Female Combatives Instructor, Director of Competitive Sports, and the cadet Brigade Athletic Officer
  • Finalist Interview: 2 males and 2 females are personally interviewed by the committee in October each year
  • Example Award Certificate


Past Award Photos


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